IFM Electronic AC2570
Active ClassicLine module

IFM Electronic AC2570
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  • Active ClassicLine module
  • AS-i interface to FC lower parts
  • 4 inputs Pt100
  • 4 analog inputs
  • temperature Pt100
  • AS-i profile S-7.3
  • IR addressing possible
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Packing washer VITON
  • Sockets M12 x 1
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Current consumption from AS-interface (total)< 80 mA
Electric circuit4 inputs Pt100
Electrical scheme4 inputs Pt100
Level of protectionIP 67
Range of values-200...850 [В°C]
Name of the productAC2570
Temperature of surroundings0...70 В°C
Working voltage26.5...31.6 V DC
Power supply of the sensorAS-i
Technical codeClassicLVA 4AI(Pt100) M12 IP67
Power rangeLED green (AS-i: AS-i voltage)

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