IFM Electronic AC2618 ASI modules

IFM Electronic AC2618
Item Number: AC2618

Active AS-i module IP 65, AS-i interface to FC-E lower parts, 2 outputs 0...20 mA, 2 analogue outputs 0...20 mA, AS-i profile S-7.3, For the connection of 2-wire actuators or 4-wire actuators with separate 24 V supply, Connection via cage clamps

Total price: 309.23
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Protection:IP 65
current output:0...20 mA
Product Name:AC2618
Ambient temperature:0...70 °C
Electrical design:2 outputs 0...20 mA
Connection:via contact pins to FC, FC-E or SC lower part
voltage output:24 DC ± 20 % V
Error:LED red (FAULT: AS-i communication error / periphery fault)
Operating voltage:26.5...31.6 V DC
Housing materials:PBT
Operation:LED green (AS-i: AS-i voltage)
Function display:LED green (power: supply A/D converter)
Shortcode:UniversalModule 2AO(C) IP65


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