IFM Electronic AC535A ASI modules

IFM Electronic AC535A
Item Number: AC535A
Active ClassicLine module, AS-i flat cable connection, 4 inputs / 4 outputs, Only for operation with AS-i masters with the profile M4, Addressing socket, Three orientations of the flat cable are possible, Version 3.0 with extended addressing mode, ATEX approval, Group II, category 3D, Only in conjunction with impact protection housing E7000A or equivalent protection, Sockets M12 x 1
Total price: 231.74
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Shortcode:ClassicL 4DI-Y 4DO-Y II 3D
Operating voltage:26.5...31.6 V DC
Total current consumption from AS-i:< 250 mA
Electrical design:4 inputs / 4 outputs
Error:LED Red
Circuit:DC PNP
Function display:LED yellow
Housing materials:PA, Piercing contacts: CuSn6 surface nickel and tin-plated
Output function:transistor PNP
Sensor supply:AS-i
Protection:IP 50
Ambient temperature:-10...50 °C
Voltage range:18...30 DC V
Product Name:AC535A
Operation:LED green


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