IFM Electronic IA5034
Inductive sensor

IFM Electronic IA5034
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IFM IA5034 discontinued. Please check the replacement
  • Inductive sensor
  • Plastic housing
  • 20 mm
  • DC analog
  • Analog output
  • Cable
  • Sensing range 10 mm [nf]
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IFM Electronic IA5034 is outdated.

The Product is No Longer Available!

Please contact for a replacement.

Dimentions: Length77 mm
Assemblynon-flush mountable
Name of the productIA5034
Electrical schemeDC analog
Case material:PBT
Technical codeIA-4010-DNOG
Working voltage+ 15 V DC / - 15 V DC
Sensitivity range10 mm
Temperature of surroundings-25...80 В °C
JoiningPVC cable / 2 m
Level of protectionIP 67


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