IFM Electronic II0011 Inductive sensors

IFM Electronic II0011
Item Number: II0011

Inductive sensor, Metal thread, M30 x 1.5, AC/DC, Cable, Sensing range 10 mm

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The ii0011 IFM Electronic inductive sensor marked in an M30 cylindrical metal housing with two-wire connection and NO output. Housing: M30x1.5. Sensing distance: 10 mm. Switching frequency: 25 Hz. Temperature range of operation: -25...+80 °C. Enclosure material: brass, covered with white bronze. Power supply: 20...250 V AC/DC. Connection: PVC cable, 2 m. The II0011 inductive sensor is designed for non-contact detection of the end position of metallic objects.


Ambient temperature:-25...80 °C
Output status indication:LED yellow
Short code:IIA2010-ABOA
Length:81 mm
Current rating (peak):î: 2.2 A (20 ms / 0.5 Hz) mA
Output function:normally open
Product Name:II0011
Housing materials:Brass white bronze coated, active face: PBT
Switching frequency:25 AC / 50 DC Hz
Electrical design:AC/DC
Connection:PVC cable / 2 m, 2 x 0.5 mm²
Sensing range:10 mm
Current rating (continuous):250 AC / 100 DC, 350 AC (...50 °C) mA
Mounting:flush mountable
Operating voltage:20...250 V AC/DC
Protection:IP 67


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