IFM Electronic KI0024 Capacitive sensors

IFM Electronic KI0024
Item Number: KI0024

Capacitive sensor, Plastic thread, M30 x 1.5, AC/DC, Increased immunity to conducted radio frequency interference, Terminals, Sensing range 15 mm [nf] adjustable

Total price: 162.20
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The ki0024 IFM electronic capacitive sensor with two-wire connection and universal NO/NC output in a cylindrical M30 threaded plastic housing. Cable connection via terminals in the terminal block. The capacitive sensor with an adjustable sensing distance of 15 mm is suitable for monitoring the position of objects made of different materials as well as for monitoring the level of liquid and dry bulk solids.

The capacitive sensor marked KI0024 in M30 with two-wire connection and NO/NC output. The capacitive sensor KI0024 in a plastic housing is suitable for monitoring the position of objects made of different materials, as well as for level monitoring of liquid and dry bulk products. 


Mounting:non-flush mountable
Current rating (peak):î: 1.5 A (20 ms / 0.5 Hz) mA
Output function:normally open / closed programmable
Ambient temperature:-25...70 °C
Operating voltage:20...250 V AC/DC
Length:125 mm
Protection:IP 65
Sensing range:15, adjustable mm
Connection:terminals up to 2.5 mm²
Current rating (continuous):200, 250 (...50 °C) mA
Housing materials:PBT, end cap: polycarbonate
Output status indication:LED yellow
Electrical design:AC/DC
Switching frequency:25 AC / 40 DC Hz
Product Name:KI0024


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