IFM Electronic KI0042 Capacitive sensor

IFM Electronic KI0042
Item Number: KI0042
  • Capacitive sensor
  • AC/DC
  • Operating voltage 20...250 V
  • 2-wire
  • terminals
Total price: 152.13
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Working voltage, DC20...250 V
Switch frequency (Hz), AC25 Hz
Assemblynon-flush mountable
Degree of protectionII
sensitivity range15 mm
Display switching rankyellow
Working voltage, AC20...250 V
Used materialsPBT- PA
Temperature of surroundings-20...60 В°C
Display typeswitching status: 1 x LED yellow
Voltage categoryAC/DC
Technical codeKIE2015-FBOA/NI/3D
ATEX identificationII 3D Ex tD A22 IP54 T80В°C X
Switch frequency (Hz), DC50 Hz
Housing dimentions: length151 mm


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