IFM Electronic KI6000 Capacitive sensor

IFM Electronic KI6000
Item Number: KI6000
  • Capacitive sensor
  • Sensing range 0.5...40 mm non-flush mountable
  • Operating voltage 10...30 DC V
  • 3-wire
  • PNP
  • M12 Connector
  • Optical setting aid
Total price: 96.82
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IFM ki6000 capacitive sensors detect bulk materials or liquids through non-metallic tank walls. Capacitive sensor M30×92 (plastic) non-swiveling, S operation 0.5...40 mm (setting 25), PNP NO/NC output (3 wires), power 10...30 VDC, IP69K, M12 connector The intuitive LED display with 12 LEDs allows the user to adapt the switching point to the application. When the optimal setting is reached, the LED in the middle of the display lights up. The green LEDs on both sides of the switching point represent the reliability of the switching point. 


Level of protectionIP 65- IP 67- IP 69K
Electrical schemePNP
Technical codeKI-3250NFPKG/PL/2P/US/IO
LinkM12 Connector
Degree of protectionIII
Communication int.IO-Link
Housing dimensions: length92 mm
Switch frequency (Hz), DC40 Hz
Assemblynon-flush mountable
sensitivity range0.5...40 mm
Temperature of surroundings-25...80 В °C
Used materialsPBT- PC- POM
Voltage categoryDC
Working voltage, DC10...30 V
Factory default settings of sensing spectrum25 mm


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