IFM Electronic KN5121

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IFM Electronic KN5121
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Protection:IP 67
Product Name:KN5121
Display:Switching status: 2 x LED yellow , Operation: 1 x LED green , Fault: 1 x LED Red
Switching frequency:10 Hz
Current rating:200 mA
Electrical design:DC PNP
Ambient temperature:-15...230, sensor (-15...230°C) , +250°C for a short time (up to 4 h) / HF connection cable (-25...200 °C) / electronics (-25...70°C) °C
Output function:normally open / closed programmable
Connection:M12 connector
Operating voltage:10...30 V DC
Application:For dry bulk material (preferred: detection of plastic granulates)
Housing materials:housing sensor: PPS, Brass white bronze coated, housing electronics: PBT, PP (polypropylene), Brass, white bronze coated
Length:116 mm
Mounting:non-flush mountable
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