IFM Electronic LDH100
Oil humidity sensor

IFM Electronic LDH100

Detects water content in oil and air

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The ldh100 IFM sensor measures relative humidity in oil within a range of 0...100%. In addition to relative humidity, the LDH100 also measures the temperature of the medium and has a separate analog output for temperature. At 100%, the medium is completely saturated, the moisture can no longer dissolve and is present as free water, an oil change is required. The moisture-in-oil sensor LDH100 is mounted with a G 3/4 thread and withstands pressure up to 50 bar. 


  • Constant monitoring of the oil condition
  • Two analog outputs for measuring relative humidity and temperature
  • High pressure resistance
  • Quick installation
  • Small size and threaded connection for direct mounting
Output function:4...20 mA analogue
Electrical design:DC analogue
Operating voltage:9...33 V DC
Connection:M12 connector
Protection:IP 67
Application:Mineral oils, synthetic esters, biodegradable oils, air
Medium temperature oil:-20...100 °C
Ambient temperature:-20...85 °C
Product Name:LDH100
Materials (wetted parts):aluminum, HNBR, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin


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