IFM Electronic MFH205
Cylinder sensor

IFM Electronic MFH205
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  • Cylinder sensor
  • Sensing range 1.8 mm flush mountable
  • Operating voltage 10...36 DC V
  • 3-wire
  • PNP
  • 2 m PUR-Cable
  • 2 m
  • PUR
  • Full-metal housing
  • hydraulic cylinders
Item Number: MFH205
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Working voltage, DC10...36 V
Voltage categoryDC
Degree of protectionIII
Level of protectionIP 65- IP 68- IP 69K
Display typeswitching status: 1 x LED yellow
Link2 m PUR-Cable
Housing dimentions: length41 mm
sensitivity range1.8 mm
Technical codeMFB3002BBPKG/B/AM/500/ZH
Output typenormally open
Switch frequency (Hz), DC1000 Hz
Temperature of surroundings-25...85 В°C
Assemblyflush mountable
Electrical schemePNP

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