IFM Electronic N0534A Inductive sensors

IFM Electronic N0534A
Item Number: N0534A
Switching amplifier for Namur sensors according to 94/9/EG (ATEX), DC, ATEX approval, Group II, category (1) G D, 2-channel, Transistor outputs, Programmable output function, Short-circuit and wire monitoring
Total price: 193.20
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Protection:IP 20
Ambient temperature:-20...60 °C
Approval:PTB 02 ATEX 2037 TIIS TC16049 IECEx PTB 06.0038
Marking of the unit:ExII (1) G [Ex ia] IIC ExII (1) D [Ex ia] IIIC
Output function:2 transistor outputs PNP (100 mA, short-circuit protection)
Product Name:N0534A
Operating voltage:24 V DC
Connection:terminals up to 2.5 mm?
Electrical design:DC


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