IFM Electronic O5P200 Retroreflective photoelectric sensor

IFM Electronic O5P200
Item Number: O5P200
  • Retro-reflective sensor
  • Rectangular, plastics
  • DC PNP
  • Polarisation filter
  • Connector
Total price: 118.88
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A Retro-reflective sensor is a type of photoelectric sensor, which uses the interruption of a reflected light beam to detect objects. There are two main types of retro-reflective sensors: Standard retro-reflective sensors. Polarized retro-reflective sensors.

Output status indication:LED yellow
Operating voltage:10...36 V DC
Product Name:O5P200
Electrical design:DC PNP
Ambient temperature:-25...60 °C
Lens material:PMMA
Protection:IP 67
Type of light:Red light 624 nm
Connection:M12 connector
Output function:dark-on mode
Sensing range:0.1...7 (Prismatic reflector ? 80 (E20005)) m
Housing materials:housing: PA, bezel: high-grade stainless steel, operator interface: TPE
Current rating:200 mA
Switching frequency:1000 Hz


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