IFM Electronic PL2053 Electronic pressure sensor

IFM Electronic PL2053
Item Number: PL2053
Electronic pressure sensor, 3-wire DC, 2-wire DC, no dead space, Zero and span adjustable, Programmable via EPS interface, Connector, Analogue output
Total price: 485.20
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Output type4...20 mA analog
Working voltage14...30 V DC
Measuring scope-1.0...25 bar; -15...363 psi; -0.1...2.5 MPa
Technical codePL-025-RES30-E-ZVG/US/ /P
JoiningM12 connector
Temperature of surroundings-25...80 В°C
Level of protectionIP 67
Electrical scheme2-wire DC; 3-wire DC
Average temperature-25...80 В°C
Type of process connectionfor Aseptoflex adapter
Minimum burst pressure350 bar; 5070 psi; 35 MPa
Nominal pressure100 bar; 1450 psi; 10 MPa
Properties of deviation< В± 0.6
Name of the productPL2053


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