IFM Electronic ZZ1060
IO-Link interface

IFM Electronic ZZ1060
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SET AL1060 IO-Link Master USB

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IFM ZZ1060 IO-Link interface set for connecting sensors with IO-Link to a PC.
Features robust industrial M12 connectors for USB, power supply and sensor communication, as well as highly visible LEDs for displaying operation, switching status and error.
Performs the function of reading current measured values, setting parameters and operating values.


  • 5 V (USB) Nominal voltage DC
  • < 1100 mA (USB) current consumption
  • III Protection class
  • 24 V DC Sensor supply
  • 0.65 A Sensor supply AUX
  • 0.15 Sensor supply - USB
  • 2 digital outputs
  • 2 digital inputs
  • -25 - 50 C Temperature


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