JUMO 902130/10-402-2003-1-6-100-252/000

 JUMO 902130/10-402-2003-1-6-100-252/000

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Resistance thermometer

  • Temperature range: from -50...+400 C
  • Country of Origin: GE
  • Used to measure temperature in various environments
    Item Number: JUMO 902130/10-402-2003-1-6-100-252/000
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    Out of stock!

    Plug-in resistance thermometer JUMO 902130 / 10-402-2003-1-6-100-252 / 000 with J-head. It is used to measure temperature in various environments, such as liquid and gaseous. A distinctive feature of the design of this thermometer is tightness, which allows measurements to be made under vacuum or overpressure.

    Connection is possible in three- and four-wire circuits. A transmitter can be mounted to the connection head of this thermometer if desired.


    • Temperature range: from -50 to +400 C.
    • Country of Origin: GE


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