Lenze E82EV371K2C200

Frequency inverter
Lenze E82EV371K2C200
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Modular frequency converter for standard applications, power range: 0.25 to 90 kW.
Complete and compatible with everything you need for ease of use, processing, diagnostics and communication. This is what the 8200 modular vector frequency converter offers in the power range from 0.25 to 90 kW. Interchangeable function modules allow you to accurately integrate the 8200 vector into the world of control and automation of your machine or system.

Compact dimensions save space in the control cabinet. For individual cooling concepts, we offer a puncture technique as well as a cold plate technique. Work is done either with the Keypad XT plug-in control module or with a PC in combination with the convenient and free, easy-to-use Global Drive Control software.


  • product: Frequency inverter 8200 vector ;
  • rated power [kW]: 0.37 ;
  • rated output current [A]: 2.4 ;
  • max. output current [A]: 3.6 ;
  • electrical supply system[V]: 1 x 230 V +-10% ;
  • motor output: single axe ;
  • power loss [W]: 40 ;
  • type of supply concept: single-axis (mains supply) ;
  • enclosure rating: IP20 ;
  • maximum ambient temperature[C]: -10...55 ;
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