Lenze E84AVHCE5514SX0

Drive unit
Lenze E84AVHCE5514SX0
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Frequency inverter Lenze 8400 BaseLine

8400 HighLine - the ideal inverter for positioning tasks

The tire is capable, suitable for palletizers, extruders, filling systems, drives, drives, as well as indexing turntables, rolling and sliding doors and positioning tasks

In addition to the capabilities of the 8400 StateLine, the 8400 HighLine has two-point positioning, which allows you to store 15 freely selectable destinations in the drive. A higher-level management system accepts destination selection as well as process specifications.


Voltage400 V, three-phase, 342 ... 550 V, 45 ... 65 Hz
Weather conditions3K3 class by EN 60721-3-3
Temperature range

Storage: -25ºC hasta +55ºC

Operation: 0ºC ... +55ºC (2,5% power reduction foreach ºC over +45ºC)

Mounting height0 ... 4000m asl (5% power reduction foreach 1000 m over 1000m asl)
Humidity < 95% (witouh condensation)
Vibration resistanceAcceleration resistence until 0,7g by EN 5178
ProtectionIP20 by EN 60529
Protection measures
  • shotcircuit
  • earth leakage
  • overvoltage
  • subvoltage
  • motor swing
  • motor overload
EMCRequemirent acomplisment by EN 61800-3/A11
Interference emissionClass C3 limit value acomplisment by EN 55011
Overload capacityNominal current 150% over 60 seconds
Conformity and approvalCE, UL, cUL
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