Lenze E84AVSCE3714SX0

Frequency inverter
Lenze E84AVSCE3714SX0
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Frequency converters Lenze are widely used in the fields of mechanical production, industry, and agriculture. These drives are the best solution for optimizing and automating the operation of mechanisms. They increase the speed of various processes in devices, while saving energy consumption.

The Lenze 8400 StateLine series frequency drives are considered reliable drives with good functionality. The E84 AVTCE3714SX0 model is used in stackers, batchers, in systems where speed adjustment is required. Built-in reliable braking system reduces brake wear.


  • Power: 0.37kW
  • Supply: Three Phase 400v
  • Connections: start/stop, analog inputs/outputs (1/1), freely programmable digital inputs/outputs (4/1)
  • Communication: CANopen on board, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Suitable for drive applications with or without speed feedback
  • Integrated brake management
  • "VFC eco" energy-saving function
  • STO safety function
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