Lenze esv112n02yxc
AC Tech SMVector

Lenze esv112n02yxc


Built-in functions:

  • PID controller
  • Flow regulator
  • Torque regulator
  • Automatic tuning function
  • Motor protection function
  • Energy saving function
  • Ability to connect to PLC
Item Number: esv112n02yxc
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Lenze esv112n02yxc

Lenze AC Tech SMVector is a series of frequency converters offering high performance, flexibility and ease of use.


  • Power range: 0.25 kW - 45 kW
  • Supply voltage: 1-phase 230 V, 3-phase 230 V, 3-phase 400 V
  • Output signal frequency: 0.5 Hz - 500 Hz
  • Overload capacity: 150% for 60 seconds
  • Protection class: IP20 (standard), IP65 (optional)
  • Built-in PID controller
  • Energy saving function "sleep mode"
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Can be connected to the CANopen bus

Advantages of use:

  • Reliability: information on the official website is always up-to-date and reliable
  • Details: on the official website you can find detailed information about all technical characteristics and functions of the product
  • Support: the official website provides contact information for assistance and support


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