Lenze ESV223N04TXB
Frequency inverter

Lenze ESV223N04TXB

Lenze AC SMVector frequency drive

rated power22 kW
rated output current46 A
electrical supply system480 V
Item Number: ESV223N04TXB
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Frequency inverter drives SMV esv223n04txb
SMVector - drive unit with vector management

The Lenze ESV223N04TXB frequency converter is used to control industrial equipment of various directions. This model carries out control according to linear or quadratic laws without vector control. With the help of a frequency converter, it is possible to adjust the work according to the given power indicators.

This model is an easy-to-operate model that meets high European quality indicators.

The main features of the series frequency converters

  • Ease of speed regulation
  • More precise power adjustment
  • Acceleration, deceleration and reversal capability
  • The mechanism is completely protected from energy overloads


productESV-inverter 3ph 400/480V 30/22kW
rated power22 kW
rated output current46 A
electrical supply system480 V
Input phase3/PE AC
Motor outputSingle axis
NEMA enclosureType 1
Output frequency 10
Output frequency 2500
Rated horsepower30 hp
Type of supply conceptmains supply

ESV223N04TXB frequency drive have several communication modules and can be easy integrated to common industrial networks


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