Lenze ESV751N04TXB Variable frequency drive (1HP)

Lenze ESV751N04TXB
Item Number: ESV751N04TXB

Frequency inverter drives SMV esv751n04txb - drive unit with vector control

Total price: 279.00
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SMV series frequency inverters with sensorless vector control are easy to program, have small dimensions and ease of installation. An excellent solution for multitasking functions for controlling AC motors. 

Frequency converters Lenze ESV751N04TXB are used to control and regulate drives of pumping and ventilating equipment operating in a loaded mode. Excellent solution for multitasking functions of AC motor control.

Distinctive features:

  • Torque vector control
  • Vector control of engine speed
  • Advanced frequency control
  • Fast start
  • Built-in PID controller
  • High starting torque and reaching the rated speed of 50 Hz in just 8 seconds;
  • Speed recovery at 100% dynamic load in 0.15 seconds
  • The control algorithm of the frequency converter SMVector, allows you to increase the performance of the motor to the maximum
  • Clear custom command set
  • Electronic software EPM module: quick and easy tuning of the frequency player using EPM


  • The power range - 0.25 kW… 45 kW
  • Supply voltage - 200/230 V (1ph) or 400/480 V (3ph)
  • Supply voltage frequency - 50/60 Hz
  • The output frequency - 0 ... 500 Hz
  • Control mode - vector without sensor, U / F (linear, quadratic)
  • Overcurrent - 150% for 60 s, 200% (15 s)
  • Built-in PID - sleep mode controller
  • Memory module for setting and storing parameters
  • Braking - dynamic, constant current
  • Integrated EMC filter in IP65 design


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