Norgren B72G-2GK-AL3-RMN
Filter Regulator

Norgren B72G-2GK-AL3-RMN
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Norgren B72G-2GK-AL3-RMN


  • Media: Compressed air
  • Port size: G1/4
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 10.0 bar
  • Operating temperature: -34 ... 50 °C
  • Filter element (µm): 40.0
  • Drain type: Automatic drain
  • Outlet pressure adjustment: 0.3 ... 10 bar
  • With/without pressure relief: With pressure relief
  • Meter: Without
  • Meter port: Rc1/8
  • Capacity flasks: 0.06 l
  • Material - Adjustment knob: Acetal rubber
  • Material - Body: Zinc
  • Material - Flask: Polycarbonate
  • Material - Elastomers: (Butadiene-acrylo)nitrile rubber
  • Filter element: Powdered polypropylene
  • B10 Value: 5000000.0
  • Product line: B72G
  • Series: Excelon
  • Port size:G1/4
  • Product line: B72G
  • Adjustable pressure range, bar:0.3 ... 10
  • Drainage type: Automatic

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