Norgren KA/8032/JM/80

Stainless steel cylinder KA 8032 JM 80
Norgren KA/8032/JM/80
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Norgren inc KA 8000 stainless steel cylinders are produced for operations in food production. It can work with compressed air, filtered and lubricated or unlubricated medium. 
Devices of series are a double acting type and with adjustable cushioning. 

Operation:Double acting
Standard:ISO 15552-ISO 6431-NFE 49-003-1-VDMA 24 562
Stroke length:80 mm
Port size:G1/8
Cylinder diameter:32 mm
Norgren ka8040w2250 have high protection against acid and corrosion. Presented models have piston produced of 1.4301 AISI material.
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