Omron C200HG-CPU63-E

Omron C200HG-CPU63-E
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Each model of Omron C200HE/HG/HX-CPU processors has different program volumes, data processing speeds, number of expansion modules and its own features.
Thanks to the multifunctional peripheral port it is now possible to directly connect to peripheral devices, program or connect other devices using an additional CIF cable.
The presence of a built-in RS-232C port allows you to use the Host Link protocol or use the connection to other devices.
By installing one of six types of communication boards you will receive additional communication ports. The cards are installed in communication slots in the CPU and provide the ability to exchange data with SYSMAC LINK or SYSMAC NET devices, a PC card, as well as other devices. Communication boards and a memory cassette must be ordered separately, as they are not part of the standard package.

Color indication of C200HG-CPU63-E controllers

RUN (green): indicates normal processor operation
ERR (red): Blinks when the processor has encountered an error but continues to operate, or when a fatal error occurs and the CPU stops working. When the processor is stopped, the RUN indicator goes out and all output signals are interrupted.
INH (orange): lights up when the Load OFF flag (AR bit) is on (all output signals are interrupted)
COMM (orange) : starts blinking when communication cards are connected to devices via a peripheral port or RS-232C port.

Technical characteristics of the C200HG-CPU63-E processor

Program volume (words): 15.2k< br/>DM (words): 6k
EM (words): 6k
Average information processing time: 0.15 Ys min
Number of I/O ports: 1184
Maximum number expansion racks: 3
Maximum number of high-performance I/O modules (Group 2): 16 (10)
Maximum number of special I/O modules (Group 1): 16 (10)
Port availability RS-232C: yes
Clock function: yes
Possibility of installing a communication board: yes

  • Data memory capacity, steps: 15.2K
  • Maximum number of digital inputs/outputs: 1084
  • Series: C200H

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