Omron CJ1M-CPU13
Programmable controller

Omron CJ1M-CPU13
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The Omron CJ1M-CPU13 programmable controller model, like other Omron CJ1 controller models, has a number of characteristics common to the entire range.
Disconnecting the memory card from the power supply. To safely remove the memory card, you must press the power switch and turn off the electrical current. You also need to press the switch to back up the information to the card.
Removing the memory card. For correct and safe removal, there is a memory card eject button on the controller case.
Port for connecting external devices. Programming computers or consoles for setting a program are connected through a special port located on the front panel of the CPU.
RS-232C interface. The RS-232C protocol is a universal means of communication between controllers and external devices.
Control type. The controller can be controlled by a program that is recorded on a memory card
Method of setting the program. The program is set into the Omron controller using a ladder diagram
Command scope. Depending on the complexity of the command, there can be from 1 to 7 operations per command
Response time. The controller requires 0.1 µs to execute basic commands, 0.2 µs for special commands.

Memory card indicators

MCPWR (green): indicates the presence of power on the card
BUSY (orange): card operation indication

Main characteristics of the CJ1M-CPU13 controller

Number of I/O bits: 640 (max. 1 expansion rack)
Program size: 20K operations
Memory capacity: 32K words
Command execution speed: 0.1 ?s
Availability of additional interfaces: RS-232C
Additional functions: memory card
Additional inputs/ outputs: no
Service operation time: 0.5 ms

  • Data memory capacity, steps: 32K
  • Maximum number of digital inputs/outputs: 640
  • Series: CJ1M

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