Omron CJ1W-II101
Input/output Interface Unit

Omron CJ1W-II101

Expansion I/O interface unit, connects to left hand side of expansion I/O rack, up to 3 expansion racks


Item Number: CJ1W-II101
Total price: 380.70
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The communication module CPU for connecting additional expansion racks

The Omron CJ1W-II101 module is required to ensure communication between the expansion rack and the CPU. This module is installed on an expansion rack and works in tandem with the CJ1W-IC101 model, which in turn must be located on the CPU rack. This type of module provides great opportunities for small systems.


  • art. V600-A60R 2M
  • The device is connected to the right of the power supply -
  • Connection type: using a special cable CS1W-CN..3-
  • Current loss: 0.13 A-
  • Certificates of the following types: UC1, N, L, CE-
  • Weight: 130 g -
  • There is a slot for a CompactFlash memory card.
  • Extension: network


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