Omron CJ1W-TC002
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Omron CJ1W-TC002
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The special module CJ1W-TC002 is designed to expand the capabilities of Omron CJ1 series controllers. CJ1W-TC002 modules allow you to convert signals coming from temperature sensors. This module provides for communication of the system with remote switches, lamps and other devices via a serial communication channel, which does not provide configuration. This solution allows you to reduce the total length of wiring for connection and thereby reduces the overall material and time costs for installation. The maximum signal transmission distance is 500 m. This module operates as a regular expansion module, which does not require additional configuration. Expanding the capabilities of the system is necessary when expanding the production process or complicating production functions. Modules are connected to XW2B-20G4 and XW2B-20G5 terminals using cables of type XW2Z-??0F, connection to modules of type XW2B-40G4 and XW2B-40G5 is made using cables of type XW2Z-??0B (for modules with connector type manufactured by Fujitsu) and XW2Z-??0K (for MIL type connectors). All modules have a light indication on the housing, which allows you to accurately determine the operating status of each input or output. A wide range of modules for digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, analog outputs and their combinations, as well as special expansion modules, will allow you to choose the right solution for your application without additional costs.
This type of Omron modules allows you to work with various types of temperature sensors: thermocouple types (R, S, K, J, T, B or L)

Main characteristics of the CJ1W-TC002 module

Number of circuits: 4
Output signal type: PNP

  • Expansion type: temperature
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Series :CJ1W

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