Omron E2A-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M
Inductive sensor

Omron E2A-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M
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E2A-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M

Omron E2A-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M inductive sensors are an innovative development of the company to unify the use of one type of sensor for various applications. This type of sensor is designed for use in various types of indoor production. It is not recommended to allow moisture to enter the sensor housing, and also to monitor the ambient temperature, vibration parameters and fluctuations in current characteristics in the network.

Technical characteristics of the Omron E2A-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M inductive sensor

  • Housing type: M18, shielded, short
  • Sensing distance: 8 mm
  • Connection type: cable
  • Housing material: nickel-plated brass
  • Output signal type: PNP
  • Output contact function: normally open
  • Output signal function:NO
  • Series:E2A
  • Sensing distance, mm:8

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