Omron G7Z-4A 24VDC
Power Relay

Omron G7Z-4A 24VDC
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The Omron G7Z-4A 24VDC relay is a compact power relay. Ideal for powering industrial inverters, servos and other devices, as well as switching power to motors and other equipment.


  • Number of poles: 4-pole


    • Number of poles: 4-pole
    • Contact form: 4PST-NO
    • Rated voltage: 24 V DC. current
    • Rated current: 154 mA
    • Coil resistance: 156 kOhm
    • Power consumption: 3.7 W
    • Classification: general purpose relay
    • Number of poles: 4
    • Contact type: 4PST-NO
    • Voltage:24 VDC


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