Omron R88M-1M1K020C-S2
Servo motor

Omron R88M-1M1K020C-S2
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Omron R88M-1M1K020C-S2 is a 1S series AC servo motor. The servo motor has a compact design without mechanical components. The design includes two shafts: with a key and with a tap, no brake and oil seal.

Technical characteristics:

  • Servo control method: EtherCAT
  • Supply voltage : 400 V three-phase
  • Rated power: 1 kW
  • Rated torque: 4.77 Nm
  • Rated speed: 2000 rpm
  • li>Encoder resolution: 23 bit
  • Encoder type: absolute without battery
  • Power, kW: 1

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