Omron R88M-WP1K530H-S1-D

Servo motor
Omron R88M-WP1K530H-S1-D
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R88M-WP1K530H-S1-D is servo motor by Omron. It has a special shaft with keyway and connector with enclosure rating IP67.  


  • Product type: Servo motor
  • Current rating[A]: 7.5
  • Shaft size[mm]: 19
  • Power rating[kW]: 1.5
  • Max speed[rpm]: 3000
  • Supply voltage[V]: 200
  • Torque rating[Nm]: 14.3
  • Opetating temperature[°C]: 0...+40 

In a standard option, the servo system has encoder 13 bit. 

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