Pepperl+Fuchs HiC2853R1

Switch Amplifier
Pepperl+Fuchs HiC2853R1
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Output/Outputfunctional insulation acc. to IEC 62103, rated insulation voltage 50 Veff
Massapprox. 180 g
Output/power supplyfunctional insulation acc. to IEC 62103, rated insulation voltage 50 Veff
IECEx approvalIECEx BAS 07.0097X
Dimensions12.5 x 128 x 106 mm (0.5 x 5.1 x 4.2 inch)
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)SIL 3
Output Ipassive transistor output (resistive)
0-signal: 39 kΩ В± 5 %
1-signal: voltage drop 6.5 V В± 0.5 V
fault: > 100 kΩ
Connection sidefield side
Output IIactive voltage output, short-circuit proof
0-signal: 0 V
1-signal: 20 ... 31 V DC at max. 15 mA
fault: 0 V
Codingpin 1 and 2 trimmed
For further information see system description.
Degree of protectionIEC 60529:2001
Degree of protectionIP20
Connection sidecontrol side
Power consumption≤ 1300 mW
ConnectionSL1: 8a(+), 7a(-); 10a(+), 9a(-)
Output typeopen collector transistor (internal fault bus)
CertificatePF 09 CERT 1440 X
Lead resistancemax. 50 Ω , consider capacitances and inductances
Rated voltageoutput I: 19 ... 30 V DC with external resistance > 2 kΩ, e. g. 16-channel ProSafe DI card SDV144 from Yokogawa
Switching point1-signal: I > 2.8 mA
0-signal: I < 2.1 mA
Signal typeDigital Input
Mountingon Termination Board
ConnectionSL1: 6b
Open circuit voltage/short-circuit currentapprox. 8.4 V DC / approx. 11.7 mA
Power dissipation≤ 800 mW
Electromagnetic compatibilityNE 21:2006
For further information see system description.
Supplementary informationObserve the certificates, declarations of conformity, instruction manuals, and manuals where applicable. For information see
Display elementsLEDs
Ambient temperature-20 ... 60 В°C (-4 ... 140 В°F)
Labelingspace for labeling at the front
Rated current≤ 55 mA
Rated voltage19 ... 30 V DC bus powered via Termination Board
Response delay≤ 1 ms
Ripple≤ 10 %
EU-Type Examination CertificateBASEEFA 07 ATEX 0302X
ConnectionSL1: 1a(-), 1b(-); 2a(+), 2b(+)
ConnectionSL2: 5a(+), 5b(-)
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