Pepperl+Fuchs MMB70-12GH50-1N-V1
Magnetic field sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs MMB70-12GH50-1N-V1
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  • 70 mm flush
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Switching functionNormally open (NO)
Output typeNAMUR
Rated operating distance5 ... 70 mm
Installationflush in non-magnetic metal
Output type2-wire
Nominal voltage8.2 V (Ri approx. 1 kΩ)
Switching frequency0 ... 1000 Hz
Current consumption
Magnet detected≧ 2.5 mA
Magnet not detected≦ 1 mA
Switching state indicatorLED, yellow
MTTFd2828 a
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)0 %
Standard conformity
NAMUREN 60947-5-6:2000
StandardsEN 60947-5-2:2007
EN 60947-5-2/A1:2012
IECEx approval
Equipment protection level GaIECEx TUN 20.0007
Equipment protection level DaIECEx TUN 20.0007
ATEX approval
Equipment protection level GaTГњV 20 ATEX 241336
Equipment protection level DaTГњV 20 ATEX 241336
Ambient temperature-25 ... 70 В°C (-13 ... 158 В°F)
Connection typeConnector plug M12 x 1 , 4-pin
Housing materialStainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L
Sensing faceStainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L
Degree of protectionIP67
Use in the hazardous areasee instruction manuals
ECLASS 13.027274301
ECLASS 12.027274301
ECLASS 11.027270104
ECLASS 10.0.127270104
ECLASS 9.027270104
ECLASS 8.027270104
ECLASS 5.127270104
ETIM 9.0EC002544
ETIM 8.0EC002544
ETIM 7.0EC002544
ETIM 6.0EC002544
ETIM 5.0EC002544
UNSPSC 12.139121550

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