Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A2-T
Inductive sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15-U1-A2-T
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Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15 non-contact inductive sensor

  • Non-contact operation
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide operating range
  • Robust housing
Item Number: NBB15-U1-A2-T
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Pepperl+Fuchs NBB15U1A2T (art.296365) non-contact inductive sensor

It is used to detect metal objects. It works by utilizing an alternating magnetic field generated by a ring coil. When a metal object passes through the field, it changes the inductance of the coil, which causes a signal at the sensor output.


  • Type: Non-contact inductive sensor
  • Modification: NBB15-U1-A2-T
  • Size: 15 mm
  • Metal type: Ferromagnetic
  • Detection range: 10 mm
  • Sensitivity: > 90 %
  • Temperature range: -25 ... + 100 °C
  • Protection class: IP68

Where it is used:

  • Monitoring the presence or absence of metal objects
  • Zone restriction
  • Obstacle detection
  • Optical counter

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