Pilz 506400 PSEN MA2.1P-10
Magnetic safety switch

Pilz 506400 PSEN MA2.1P-10
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PSEN MA2.1P-10
Item Number: 506400 PSEN MA2.1P-10
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The manufacturing company Pilz is considered a leader in the field of innovative and modern automation technologies. The products of this company occupy a special place in the field of monitoring technology, control technology, as well as sensor technology. The Pilz safety switch PSEN MA2.1P-10 is used in certain applications in which an explosive mixture may form due to gas and dust. This switch continues to operate even in cases of hidden installation or non-magnetic coating.


  • method - non-contact, magnetic
  • burglary protection
  • no sensitivity to poor environmental conditions
  • tolerance 3-8 mm
  • direct current
  • switching range - 6 mm
  • ejection distance - 25 mm
  • IP67 protection
  • dimensions - 26x42.8x13 mm
  • weight - 40 g
  • temperature at which operation is carried out -25-70°C.
  • Housing type: rectangular
  • Case material: plastic
  • Sensing distance, mm: 10.0 - 15.0
  • Voltage type:DC
  • Output signal: digital

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