Schneider Electric 29472

Interface and automatic controller
Schneider Electric 29472
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Device short nameACP + UA
Accessory / separate part categoryInterlocking accessory
[Us] rated supply voltage220...240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Operating modeAutomatic operation
Forced operation on normal source
Forced operation on replacement source
Stop (both normal and replacement source off)
Interlocked deviceCompact NS100...630
Compact NS630b...1600
Masterpact NT
Masterpact NW
Selection modesCircuit breaker on N
Circuit breaker on R
Test functionBy pressing the test button on the front of the controller
Complementary functionForced normal source if replacement source not operational during peak-tariff
Selection of type of normal source (single-phase or three-phase)
Setting of maximum startup time for the replacement source
Voluntary transfer to replacement source (e.g. energy management commands)
Additional contact: transfer to replacement source only if contact is closed
Local signallingFault trip
Input typeContacts customer voluntary order to transfer to source R
Output typeContacts customer: indication of operation in automatic or stop mode
[Ith] conventional free air thermal current8 A
[Ie] rated operational currentDC-13: 2 A 24 V
DC-12: 8 A DC 24 V
DC-12: 2 A DC 48 V
DC-12: 0.6 A DC 110 V
DC-12: 0.4 A DC 250 V
AC-15: 5 A AC 48 V
AC-15: 5 A AC 24 V
AC-15: 4 A AC 110 V
AC-15: 3 A AC 220/240 V
AC-14: 5 A AC 48 V
AC-14: 5 A AC 24 V
AC-14: 4 A AC 220/240 V
AC-14: 4 A AC 110 V
AC-13: 7 A AC 48 V
AC-13: 7 A AC 24 V
AC-13: 6 A AC 220/240 V
AC-13: 6 A AC 110 V
AC-12: 8 A AC 48 V
AC-12: 8 A AC 24 V
AC-12: 8 A AC 220/240 V
AC-12: 8 A AC 110 V
AC-12: 5 A AC 380/415 V
AC-12: 4 A AC 440 V
Device Full NameSchneider Electric 29472
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