Schneider Electric ATS01N109FT

Soft starter for asynchronous motor
Product destinationAsynchronous motors
Product specific applicationSimple machine
Component nameATS01
Network number of phases3 phases
Single phase
Power supply voltage110...480 V (- 10...10 %)
Motor power kW1.5 kW at 230 V 3 phases
1.1 kW at 230 V single phase
4 kW at 400 V 3 phases
Motor power hp5 hp at 460 V 3 phases
2 hp at 230 V 3 phases
1 hp at 210 V 3 phases
Icl nominal current9 A
Utilisation categoryAC-53B conforming to EN/IEC 60947-4-2
Current at nominal load45 A at nominal load
Type of startStart with voltage ramp
Power dissipation in W46 W in transient state
1 W at full load and at end of starting
Assembly styleWith heat sink
Device Full NameSchneider Electric ATS01N109FT
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