Schneider Electric LC1D32P7
Contactor TeSys Deca

Schneider Electric LC1D32P7
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Contactor D 3P, 32A, NO + NC, 230V, 50/60 Hz

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Schneider Electric offers a range of robust contactors, TeSys D, for industrial or tertiary installations. To control asynchronous machines, the LC1D contactor is used in AC-3 utilization category. Its 3 poles are fitted with screw terminal blocks.
Bracket accepting flexible and rigid cables of different sections, depending on need, this contactor contributes to the durability of your customers' installation Designed to control a 440 V alternating current circuit up to 32 A, it will control efficiently, with its coil 230 V AC, the motors of your customers Robust and adaptable, the TeSys range meets the expectations of the most demanding infrastructures, both in terms of power and reliability.

  • Contactor type: 3-pole
  • Contacts: NO x3
  • Built-in auxiliary contacts: NO+NC
  • Control voltage: 230VAC
  • Operating current max.: 32A
  • Installation: DIN rail, panel
  • Contactor Series: TeSys D
  • screw terminals
  • Working temperature: -25...55°C
  • Width: 45mm
  • Height: 102mm
  • Insulation voltage: 690V
  • Switched power: 15kw


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