Schneider Electric NSX160F 160A
Circuit breaker

Schneider Electric NSX160F 160A
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nsx160f 160a

  • Rated operating frequency: DC
  • Heating limit: 85°C
  • Electrical wear resistance: CO, CE
  • Operating temperature range: -25°C to +70°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C
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The NSX160F 160A is a new generation circuit breaker of the ComPacT NSX series from Schneider Electric, designed to distribute and protect DC electrical circuits in industrial and other applications.


  • Rated current: 160 А
  • Rated operating voltage: 750 V DC
  • Disconnecting capacity: 36 kA
  • Type of control: Manual
  • Number of poles: 3, 4
  • Type of disconnector: Removable
  • Degree of protection IP20


  • Compact size: The NSX160F 160A is 40% smaller than previous models, saving panel space.
  • Easy installation: Ergonomic design and clear labeling make installation easy.
  • Reliability: The switch is constructed with high quality materials and has been extensively tested to ensure reliable performance throughout its lifetime.
  • Security: Equipped with various safety features such as overload, short circuit, and ground fault protection.
  • Flexibility: A wide range of accessories and optional features allow you to customize the NSX160F 160A to meet your specific needs.

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