Schneider Electric NSX250N 4P
Circuit breaker

Schneider Electric NSX250N 4P
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nsx250n 4p

  • Rated short-circuit current (Ics): 10 kA
  • Thermal current limit (Ith): 300 A
  • Nominal power loss: 12.5 W
  • Electrical wear resistance: CO-EI
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The NSX250N 4P is a new generation ComPact NSX 4-pole circuit breaker from Schneider Electric. It is designed to protect electric circuits from overloads, short circuits and other malfunctions.


  • Nominal current: 250 A
  • Rated voltage: 690 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Ultimate switching capacity (Icu): 50 kA at 415 V AC
  • Release type: TMD
  • Number of poles: 4
  • Installation: Fixed
  • Degree of protection: IP20


  • Compact: Takes up little space in the switchboard, making it an ideal choice for limited space.
  • High performance: It has a high ultimate switching capacity (Icu) of 50 kA, making it resistant to short circuits.
  • Reliability: Made of high-quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure its reliability and durability.
  • Security: Equipped with various security features such as anti-finger touch and anti-misoperation.
  • Ease of Installation: The NSX250N 4P is easy to install and maintain.

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