Schneider Electric VW3A3521

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Schneider Electric VW3A3521
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Module configurationConfigured and programmed with SoMachine software
Product specific application-
Discrete I/O number16
Analogue I/O number4
Discrete input number4 discrete input(s) for fast input
6 discrete input(s) for input
Discrete input typeConfigurable for incremental encoder (LI59, LI60)
Configurable for incremental encoder (LI51, LI52)
Configurable as single phase counter (LI51, LI59)
Discrete input logicPositive logic (sink) for fast input
Sink or source (positive/negative) for input
Discrete input voltage24...30 V
Discrete input voltage typeDC
Number of common point3 common point(s) for logic input
1 common point(s) for analogue input
1 common point(s) for analogue output
Voltage state1 guaranteed>= 11 V for logic input
Voltage state 0 guaranteed<= 5 V for logic input
Input impedance4.4 kOhm for logic input
500 Ohm for analogue output
Device Full NameSchneider Electric VW3A3521
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