Schneider Electric XCSLE252531M2

Switches with solenoid
Schneider Electric XCSLE252531M2
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Component nameXCSLE
Head typeKey operated turret head
Contacts type and composition1 NC + 1 NO
Contacts operationSlow-break, break before make
Solenoid contacts type and composition1 NC + 1 NO (slow-break, break before make)
Electromagnet interlockingLocking on de-energisation and unlocking on energisation of solenoid
[Us]В solenoidВ ratedВ supplyВ В voltage24 V (- 15...10 %)
Cable outer diameter7...13 mm
Electrical connectionMale connector M23 16 pins
Number of poles2
Locking options descriptionWith interlocking, locking by solenoid
Device Full NameSchneider Electric XCSLE252531M2
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