Sick AFM60A-S4IB018X12
AFM60 Absolute encoder

Sick AFM60A-S4IB018X12
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  • High-resolution, 30-bit absolute encoder (18 bit singleturn and 12 bit multiturn)
  • Device Level Ring (DLR functionality)
  • Extensive diagnostics: Min/max values for temperature, position, speed. Operating hours counter, display of flags, alarms and warnings using e.g. a fault header (32 bit)
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Part Number1055334
Operating torque:0.3 Ncm (+20 °C)
Operating voltage range:10 V DC ... 30 V DC
Shaft diameter:10 mm
Bearing lifetime:3.0 x 10^9 revolutions
Error limits:± 0.03 °
Encoder profile:0 x 22
Endless operating functionality:1
Type of mounting shaft:Solid shaft with flat
Mass:0.2 kg
Electrical interface:EtherNet/IP
Initialization time:Ca. 12 s
Measuring step deviation:± 0.002 °
Start up torque:0.5 Ncm (+20 °C)
Data transmission rate (baud rate):10 Mbit/s / 100 Mbit/s
Repeat accuracy:0.002 °
Max. angular acceleration:500,000 rad/s²
Housing material:Aluminum
Permissible Load capacity of shaft:40 N (axial), 80 N (radial)
Maximum operating speed:9,000 /min
Resistance to shocks:100 g, 6 ms (according to EN 60068-2-27)
DLR (Device Level Ring):1
:Face mount flange
Resolution:18 bit x 12 bit
Bus interface:EtherNet/IP IEC 61784-1
Resolution power:262,144 x 4,096
Moment of inertia of the rotor:6.2 gcm²
Enclosure rating:IP 65 (according to IEC 60529), shaft side, IP 67 (according to IEC 60529), housing side
Flange material:Aluminum
EMC:(according to EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3)
RPI (requested packet interval):5 ms ... 750 ms
Max. number of steps per revolution:262,144
MTTFd: mean time to dangerous failure:80 a (EN ISO 13849-1)
Power consumption max.:3 W
Mechanical interface:Solid shaft with flat, Face mount flange
Resistance to vibration:30 g, 10 Hz ... 2,000 Hz (according to EN 60068-2-6)
Max. number of revolutions:4,096
Permissible relative humidity:90 % (condensation of the optical scanning not permitted)
Shaft material:Stainless steel
Reverse polarity protection:1
Connection type:3 x connector M12, 4-pin, axial
Storage temperature range:-40 °C ... +100 °C, without package
Working temperature range:-30 °C ... +85 °C

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