Sick FFUC25-1G1SR
Temperature and Flow sensors

Sick FFUC25-1G1SR
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  • Flow sensor for conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • Compact design with no moving parts
  • Process temperature up to 80 °C, process pressure up to 16 bar
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Part Number6052239
Maximum flow:240 l/min
Accuracy of sensor element:1 % (of reading +/- 3 mm/s (with calibration report))
Minimim flow:5 l/min
Inlet zone:60 cm
Upper signal level:20 mA ... 20.5 mA
Ripple:≤ 5 Vpp
Housing material:PSU
Conductivity:No limitation
Initialization time:≤ 5 s
Wetted parts:PSU
Capacitive load:100 nF
Ambient storage temperature:-20 °C ... +70 °C
Lower signal level:3.8 mA ... 4 mA
Supply voltage:18 V DC ... 30 V DC
Connection type:Round connector M12 x 1, 8-pin
Response time:Filter off 100 ms, filter low 300 ms, filter medium 1 s, filter strong 4.2 s
Process temperature:0 °C ... +80 °C
Nominal width measuring tube:NW 25
Signal voltage HIGH:Vs - 2 V
Repeatability:≤ 0.5 %
Ambient temperature operation:0 °C ... +60 °C
Outlet zone:10 cm
Process pressure:Max. 10 bar
Inductive load:1 H
Output signal:Analog output: 4 mA ... 20 mA, 0 mA ... 20 mA current flow and temperature
2 pulse/status output: transistor output for flow rate meter, empty pipe detection, flow monitoring
1 digital input for dosing and counter reset
Output current:< 100 mA
Power consumption:≤ 180 mA
Impuls/frequency output:0 kHz ... 10 kHz
Output load:< 500 Ohm
Process connection:G 1 ¼
Signal voltage LOW:≤ 2 V
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Protection class:III
Resolution:0.03 l/min
Puls width:≤ 1 s
Weight:460 g

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