Sick SGS4-S140P3PS1W00 Switching automation light grids

Sick SGS4-S140P3PS1W00
Item Number: SGS4-S140P3PS1W00
  • Variable monitoring lengths from 120 mm up to 1,400 mm (in 160 mm increments)
  • Maximum range 10 m
  • Response time 18 ms
Total price: 717.29
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Part Number1045011
Protection class:III
Alignment aid:Without alignment aid
Enclosure rating:IP 65
Minimum detectable object (MDO):Parallel beam, 45 mm
Muting function:Muting function inactive
Response time:Parallel beam 19 ms
Housing material:PMMA
Optical light exit:Slim
Switching output:1 x PNP
Ripple:< 5 Vpp
Output 1:Output 1 active, if light beam interrupted
Cross beam/parallel beam:Parallel beam active
Detection height:1,400 mm
Ambient temperature:Operation: -25 ... +55 °C
Storage: -25 ... +70 °C
Wave length:IR 950 nm
Supply voltage Vs :DC 24 V, ± 20 %
Shock load:10 g / DIN EN 60068-2-29 / 16 ms
Automatic teach:Automatic teach inactive
Task:Switching light grid
Connection type:Short cable with connector M8, 4-pin
Initialization time:1 s
Dimensions (W x H x D):25 mm x 1,472.4 mm x 8 mm
Configuration:Without teach button with configuration software
Vibration resistance:5 g, 10 Hz ... 55 Hz (IEC 68-2-6)
Aluminum stabilizer:Without stabilizer
Beam separation:40 mm
Output current Imax.:100 mA
Inputs:Teach input
Working range:3 m
Maximum range:4 m
Power consumption receiver :70 mA
Ambient light safety:Direct: ≥100,000 lx, Indirect: ≥150,000 lx
Weight:180 g
Circuit protection:Output Q short-circuit protected
Interference suppression
VS connections reverse-polarity protected
Number of beams:36
Switching frequency:500 kHz
EMC:EN 60947-5-2
Output load inductive:1 H
Minimum range:Parallel beam: ≥0 mm
Output load capacitive:100 nF
Power consumption sender :256 mA


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