Sick VSPI-1R111 2D vision

Sick VSPI-1R111
Item Number: VSPI-1R111
  • High-speed part inspection
  • Robust pattern match algorithm to locate parts independent of position, rotation and scale
  • Multi-reference object teaching and multi-feature inspections per object
Total price: 899.44
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Part Number1042779
Field of view internal illumination:20 mm x 20 mm ... 72 mm x 72 mm
Configuration software:SOPAS
Robot coordinate alignment:-
Power consumption:< 450 mA Without output load
Data store and retrieve:Record images on PC
30 images device log
Focal length:6 mm
Configurable inputs:Reference object selection
Encoder input
External trigger
External teach
Serial (RS-232, RS-422):-
Window material:PMMA
LED class:Risk group 1 (low risk, IEC62471 : 2006)
Digital inputs:4 inputs (24 V)
Ambient storage temperature :-20 °C ... +70 °C
Digital outputs:3 outputs, 24 V (B-type)
Reference images:16 objects
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Ambient operating temperature :0 °C ... +45 °C
Focus:Adjustable focus (manually)
Sensor resolution:384 px x 384 px
Typical performance:40 fps
Image analysis
Number of inspections:32
Weight:350 g
Output current:100 mA
Ripple:< 5 Vpp
Dimensions (L x W x H):100 mm x 53 mm x 38 mm
Vibration load:IEC 60068-2-6
Connection types:M12, 12-pin male connector
M12, 4-pin female connector
Working distance internal illumination:50 mm ... 200 mm
Data transmission rate (Ethernet):100 Mbit/s
Operator interfaces:Inspector Viewer
Internal lighting:White
Maximum encoder frequency:40 kHz
Shock load:EN 60068-2-27
Maximum performance:250 fps
Sensor:CMOS matrix sensor, gray scale values
Housing material:Aluminum
Spectral range:Ca. 400 nm ... 750 nm
Default outputs:All pass
Any fail
No object detected
Toolset:Object locator
Edge pixel count
Pixel count
Control of external illumination:5 V TTL
Sensing distance:≥ 50 mm
Supply voltage:24 V DC± 20 %
Offline support:Emulator


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