Sick WFS3-40N415 Fork sensors

Sick WFS3-40N415
Item Number: WFS3-40N415
  • Optimized housing with slim fork shape
  • Dynamic teach-in IO Link or control panel and manual fine adjustment with “+”/“-” buttons
  • Light/dark switching function
Total price: 123.64
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Part Number6043920
Adjustment:Manual ("+"/"-" button)
Dynamic teach-in
Static teach-in
Stability of response time:± 20 µs
Power consumption :20 mA
Shock load:According to EN 60068-2-27
Protection class:III
Switching output:NPN: HIGH = approx. VS / LOW ≤ 2 V
Initialization time:20 ms
Fieldbus interface:-
Ripple :< 10 %
Light source:LED
Circuit protection:VS connections reverse-polarity protected
Output Q short-circuit protected
Interference suppression
Input, teach-in (ET):NPN:
Run: U > (UV - 5 V)
Teach: U < (UV - 6 V)
Fork width:3 mm
Enclosure rating:IP 65
Output function:Light/darkswitching, selectable via button
Weight:≥ ca. 36 g
Connection type:Connector M8, 4-pin
Switching mode:NPN
Ambient storage temperature:-30 °C ... +80 °C
Label detection:+
Supply voltage:10 V DC ... 30 V DC
Minimum detectable object (MDO):Size of labels: 2 mm, Gap between labels: 2 mm
Output current Imax.:100 mA
Response time :50 µs
Ambient operating temperature:-20 °C ... +60 °C
Ambient light safety:≤ 10,000 lx
Switching frequency :20 kHz
Functional principle:Optical detection principle
Housing design (light emission):Fork shaped
Fork depth:42 mm
Type of light:Infrared light
Housing material:Plastic, PA (glass-fiber reinforced)


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