Sick WLL260-R240 Fiber-optic sensors

Sick WLL260-R240
Item Number: WLL260-R240
  • Fiber-optic cable for proximity version
  • Fiber-optic cable for through-beam version
  • Mounting bracket is included
Total price: 189.73
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Part Number6009503
Weight:120 g
Housing material:ABS
Switching frequency:25 Hz
UL File-No.:UL No. NRNT2.E128350 & cUL No. NRNT8.E128350
Sensor/detection principle:Fiber-optic photoelectric sensor
Time type:Off delay, On delay, Without time delay, One shot
Delay time:Adjustable via time control:, Adjustable via time delay selector switch: 0.1 ... 5 s
Light source:LED
Connection type:Cable gland
Supply voltage:12 V DC ... 240 V DC, 24 V AC ... 240 V AC
Enclosure rating:IP 66
Protection class:II
Usage category:AC-15, DC-13, According to EN 60947-1
Light spot diameter (distance):Depends on scanning range
Ambient storage temperature:-40 °C ... 70 °C
Response time:≤ 20 ms
Dimensions (W x H x D):25 mm x 77.8 mm x 63 mm
Type of light:Visible red light
Switching current (switching voltage):3 A (240 V AC), 3 A (30 V DC)
Switching output:Relay, Light/dark-switching, selectable via light/dark selector, NO, electrically isolated
Circuit protection:A, C
Sensitivity adjustment:Potentiometer, 270°
Power consumption:≤ 5 VA
Items supplied:Mounting bracket BEF-W260
Ambient operating temperature:-25 °C ... 55 °C
Sensing range:0 mm ... 50 mm, proximity system, 0 mm ... 700 mm, through-beam system, 0 mm ... 90 mm, proximity system
Sensing range max.:0 mm ... 110 mm, proximity system, 0 mm ... 65 mm, proximity system, 0 mm ... 800 mm, through-beam system
Housing design (light emission):Rectangular


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