Siemens 1LE1002-1DA43-4FB4-Z B61 Low-voltage motor

Siemens 1LE1002-1DA43-4FB4-Z B61
Item Number: 1LE1002-1DA43-4FB4-Z B61

1AV1164A Low-voltage motor

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Motor type: 1AV1164A Low-voltage motor, IEC Squirrel-cage rotor, self-ventilated,

IP55 Temperature class 155(F) according to 130(B) aluminum housing Standard efficiency IE1, 2-pole 

Siemens GP is an all-purpose motor with aluminum housing suited for a broad band of standard industrial use. The structure and interior framework of the electric motors provide maximum flexibility, lowest installation costs and simplicity of use: single-piece lifting drag, screw feet that can be tailored in height, light available terminal box. Due to their low weight and broad diapason of options, they may be used in nearly all areas and industries. These motors suited for peculiar environmental conditions, including at sea, for use in the chemical and petrochemical manufactures. The broad range of implementations includes the following applying: compressors, drives, high-bay warehouses, pharmaceuticals, printing.


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